Saturday, April 03, 2004

A walk on the God side

Today the family went for a walk to soak up the ample sunshine this fine morning. The smog had receded somewhat and the streets even lost some of their customary glummness in the warming rays. People were out on their bikes all over the place....oh, right, that's pretty much normal. Anyway people were out enjoying life and doing their business and some were doing both. As we walked out of the complex where we live on Yaohong Dong Lu we decided to turn in a different direction than usual and strike out for new territory. This was a lot of fun and we saw a few things worth handycamming, sights I mean, cuz every face is worth a handycam. We wlked for two hours in all and went all the way around our block. It is quite a substantial block and our last turn off Wuzhong Lu (Woo-jong) which we thought was going to be YiLi Lu (Ee-Lee) actually turned us into a maze of back streets which were fascinating. There are a myriad of little shops in these out of the way places and we did stop at one little restaurant in a concrete shack which served us delicious little deepfried veggie pancakes for 1RMB a piece (1RMB = .16CAD) out of their "walk-thru" window. As we meandered back to Guyang Lu to head home we noticed something shift in the spirit. I turned and checked with my wife to see if she felt it too and indeed she too noticed something. The Lord told us that what we were feeling was the effect of the prayers we pray along this street. As I walk to work on Guyang I sing prayers and praises to God and my wife and I both pray in tongues regularly as we go here. The Father said there was a corridor being created in the spirit through the spiritual darkness of the place. We are going to be more vigilant than ever in our walking through this city. We want to possess the land not dispossess it. It can be easy to walk in desair as we see the effect of years of spiritual darkness dripping off the skyscrapers and clogging the sewers below where humanity is traffiked for a pitiance to the powers of this place. The question comes then, are we really more than conquerers? If we are, then what all are we conquering? Are we painting the city streets with the high praises of our God or are we ducking through the traffic to get to the sanctity of our homes and churches. Perhaps of all the things I will take away from this time it is the fearlessness to sing in the spirit out loud on the street. To let praises and prayers flow from my lips. Perhaps these songs, psalms and spiritual songs will one day drown out the mechanised music so devoid of human voice. Imagine for a minute if all the street sounds stopped, would there be voices heard or just the indifferent silence bred into us by some false survival instinct? Here I have no words to speak because no one understands, but everyone I see daily on Guyang understands a heart of joy and perceives a door which is open. This is but one weapon in the arsenal of a warrior of the Great King, but one never to be neglected, for as we saw today it bears a great weight in the heavenlies. Sing you saints.
PS Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...I don't sing very well either.

Here's a long overdue poem as well which seems to be on topic.

A 23rd Street Psalm
There was a street
Whose memory was beat
'Neath the soles of mean feet,
And 'twas no mean feat
To erase the hate in the heat
Burning under my feet
In eyes all 'round, indiscrete
Yet even here....I did eat!!!