Sunday, January 30, 2005

And Now For Something....Quite Nice Actually

I just came home from church and I am still feeling quite good. That should make sense though because the feeling is not attached to the building, although the architecture is rather appealing (I love post and beam). I was swept away today with the need for the body to know who it is and to Whom it belongs. She is beautiful, this bride of Christ. Did you see her dance because of His love for her, and the fact that for a change she is beginning to believe it even in the face of all the accusations? Did you see the lions roar just because they heard Daddy do it, and for a change they believe they can too? I saw that today. It was wonderful. At the 'end' I sat down and my wife asked if I was ready to go and I said that I didn't really want to go, but I didn't know what I was waiting around for. As I looked at her I realised it; this is what soaking is all about. Waiting around with no other expectation than just the presence. Wow, the presence. I was going to put exclamation marks after that, but there is still a solemnity about it that stayed my hand. It can cause me to dance, but it has been so much richer to reflect on it. The Presence. The presence which exuded life to the very corners of the universe. The presence which set Mt. Sinai ablaze. The presence which looked the blind in their newly seeing eyes. The presence which shook the earth when He died. The presence which will dispell our greatest foe, just by showing up. The Presence. He is truly beautiful and I am slowly starting to see with newly seeing eyes. Seeing the value that was in that guy before Christ even died for him. The beauty that was in her that ravished His heart even as it beat His life's blood from the wounds she put in Him. What a Savior, what a Bride what a wedding it will be! Can you see it?

Friday, January 28, 2005

Seems to be an Abundance of Silliness

I have found it to be volitile to utilize the comments section of others blogsites (and no I don't just mean yours). It would seem that what we would like to view as a communication device is lacking in some of the more personal aspects necessary for this purpose. Perhaps webcams would help, but then we would really start to look funny wouldn't we? It would start to resemble those exoskeletal suits they have in scifi flicks. I mean if we step back and take a look at it all it is pretty humourous really. Here I sit and imagine what someone will think when they read this and yet for all its blogularity I am still sitting here alone.
I guess this post is coming from the lingering hurt of lonliness. I do enjoy people, have friends, dear friends, brothers and yet as I pour out what can be the deeper thoughts and emotions of my day I find that I am sitting here alone. Something is striking me as odd about all this.
I recently caused some hurt and ire by the simple act of saying something in cyberspace. Unfortunatly, there was no one on the other side of the table, there was no beer in hand, there was no reply until it was too late. There was no body language, no exchange of ideas, no dialogue. Nobody. And now all there is is the uncomfortable silence at the end of the keystroke. Perhaps I could see what you mean if I could see you, perhaps not. Perhaps we'll never know, but hey, the beer is still cold and I know my heart is still warm cuz it hurts.
Perhaps this blog should be just telling whoever wanders across it what my day was like and leave the thoughts for the next round. Make mine a Keith's.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

This is Just Getting Silly... isn't it?

This is the one which calls to mind the foundation of our country and it makes me wonder exactly which law they are referring to.

I Thought Controversy is What Sold it in the First Place

Well, I guess Jesus just rocks the boat whenever He shows, eh? Bono said they tried to put Jesus into showbusiness, now its...Zondervan's turn?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Where the Kid Grows

Well it would only seem appropriate to have at least one entry titles after the blog. Anyway it also seemed to be appropriate for the content. I have noticed a marked difference in the way I approach spirituality these days. The hope is that it means there is some positive change going on. We just spent some time tonight at a friend's place praying over their house. There have been some wierd goings on and the lady of the house invited us to come do some dealing in the spirit. Now previously this would have issued forth a loud blast upon a shofar (?) and a private session of psyching up for a fight. There would have been pointed prayers and loud declarations aimed at the enemy. There would have been noise, clamour, tumult and probably some oil. In the end though we would all kind of look over our shoulders as we left secretly wondering how long it would be before the 'norm' settled back in. (Sorry Norm) This was different though. This was a time of faithful declaration and praise. this was a time of coming before God rather than getting up in front of the enemy. This was a time of declaring in quiet confidence the sovereignty of our God. This was a time which left us with an overwhelming peace afterwards and the lady of the house testified of this.
I only hope that this is a sign. As a child I did a lot of screaming when I played 'war'. Perhaps as a man I am finally finding out what war really is. Wonder if George will ever read this?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What is it we don't get???

I am not sure why it is that societies which have been around for a heck of a lot longer than ours seem to understand the problem with homosexuality and yet we with our limited experience and history can't seem to clue in. Even our most educated leaders and statesmen cannot seem to give a credible answer for our actions. They suggest that the rule of the majority must be offset by the rule of the minority. Really this is saying that what the majority of people believe to be true is not and cannot be trusted. This is telling us that no thing is wrong. If one person believes it then that person is a minority and must have his/her rights protected. Seems to me then that we are no longer in any kind of a democracy, but rather a minority dictatorship where the rules are less important than the feelings of the individuals. It would be interesting for some of these minorities to apply these same principles to their favourite sporting events. Hmmmm, I wonder what exactly it is which would ensue?

Monday, January 10, 2005

Fire In The Heavens

It seems impossible at times to comprehend the nature of our existence here on earth. Of course these are the times when we truly focus on thinking about it, the rest of the time we are joyfully or joylessly oblivious to it all. The thing that has really gotten into my mind of late is the fact that in the midst of a battle for the understanding of our reality and who will dictate this to us there is a foe who should not be a foe. I am talking about One who contends for my soul on a daily basis, ever living to make intercession for me. The fact of this battle does not surprise me, the one with whom my Lord contends does. The hard truth is that He is contending with me for my very soul. Why do I fight Him? I do not know. I could , I suppose, list off a myriad of reasons, but even bare analysis will show these to be potshards and mouse shit.
I remember someone summing it all up in one word.....Surrender.
I also remember someone saying 'get behind me Satan'. Interesting isn't it? If you are fighting someone where is the last place you want them, behind you. It seems the main event is not with this foe after all, it is with the foe who will kill us one way or another. The outcome of this death will have everything to do with which way we are facing when we die......Surrender.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hey There!

Thanks to my friend Nathan I will now be able to peer at you as you read these postings. To see his blog check out The Spaces Between a Friend .
The Guinness will be hoisted at our next meeting my friend.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

How Does Love Come to You?

Does love blow gently
Bending and splaying
Only the grass and leaves
When loves comes to you?

Does love come in armour
With battlements and siegeworks,
Clamour and war
When love comes to you?

Does love brush away
The shock of hair
Hiding your face
When love comes to you?

Does love come with hooks
To seize and drag you
From the mask
When love comes to you?

How does love come to you
In the dark and still
When the only eye beholding
Is the I of love?
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Sunday, January 02, 2005

As The Head Turns

It is an interesting thing how quickly we can turn away. It is equally interesting or perhaps I should say appalling to see what is there when we turn. Of course the dark image staring at us is us, but we do paste a ton of labels on it to ease the burden of looking at it. I know I can put ones on it like "Wife", "Kids", "Post Rejection Modernist Psycho Dilemma Term 114" or whatever is close at hand. Correct is most often whoever is close at hand. The ugly truth is that it is me. That Shit who is being mean and hurtful to his kids is me. The Jerk who slams his emotional doors on his wife is me. That Noodle who checks out a chick to feel better is me. Hmmmm. There appears to be a pattern here.
The truly exasperating thing about all this, though, is that if I would only turn around I could resume gazing on the Lover of my soul. I could, if I desire to, peer into His eyes to see my reflection. It is exasperating because in this reflection is not the darkman that I was always taught I would see there and yet I will trade what I see in His eyes for the seemingly more palatable image I create when I turn away. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
As excruciating as it is to squeeze this into my narrow mind, God did not die to show me what a great guy He is, He died for me. 'For me' means that there was something of some worth there. Now I can already hear the 'You gotta be shittin' me!' rising up to try to squelch this, but the truth is right there in black and white with the words of Christ in red. It does not say that God so loved Himself that He died to show off to the whole universe, it says that He so loved the world (me)(you)(us)(them). So who should I believe here?
I think today I will believe the One who saw something in me that was worth dying to save. I think I will explore what it means to really believe what I see when I look into that mirror He is holding up. I like who I am when I am looking in that mirror, and so do my wife and kids. Hmmmm, why is it that I turned my head again????