Sunday, January 23, 2005

Where the Kid Grows

Well it would only seem appropriate to have at least one entry titles after the blog. Anyway it also seemed to be appropriate for the content. I have noticed a marked difference in the way I approach spirituality these days. The hope is that it means there is some positive change going on. We just spent some time tonight at a friend's place praying over their house. There have been some wierd goings on and the lady of the house invited us to come do some dealing in the spirit. Now previously this would have issued forth a loud blast upon a shofar (?) and a private session of psyching up for a fight. There would have been pointed prayers and loud declarations aimed at the enemy. There would have been noise, clamour, tumult and probably some oil. In the end though we would all kind of look over our shoulders as we left secretly wondering how long it would be before the 'norm' settled back in. (Sorry Norm) This was different though. This was a time of faithful declaration and praise. this was a time of coming before God rather than getting up in front of the enemy. This was a time of declaring in quiet confidence the sovereignty of our God. This was a time which left us with an overwhelming peace afterwards and the lady of the house testified of this.
I only hope that this is a sign. As a child I did a lot of screaming when I played 'war'. Perhaps as a man I am finally finding out what war really is. Wonder if George will ever read this?

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