Monday, January 10, 2005

Fire In The Heavens

It seems impossible at times to comprehend the nature of our existence here on earth. Of course these are the times when we truly focus on thinking about it, the rest of the time we are joyfully or joylessly oblivious to it all. The thing that has really gotten into my mind of late is the fact that in the midst of a battle for the understanding of our reality and who will dictate this to us there is a foe who should not be a foe. I am talking about One who contends for my soul on a daily basis, ever living to make intercession for me. The fact of this battle does not surprise me, the one with whom my Lord contends does. The hard truth is that He is contending with me for my very soul. Why do I fight Him? I do not know. I could , I suppose, list off a myriad of reasons, but even bare analysis will show these to be potshards and mouse shit.
I remember someone summing it all up in one word.....Surrender.
I also remember someone saying 'get behind me Satan'. Interesting isn't it? If you are fighting someone where is the last place you want them, behind you. It seems the main event is not with this foe after all, it is with the foe who will kill us one way or another. The outcome of this death will have everything to do with which way we are facing when we die......Surrender.

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