Sunday, September 18, 2005

Working Hard

Well here are the latest progress shots of the job we are doing in Ellison. This will be a fun scrapbook addition for me.

Now the forms are off and Guy is ready for a break

Now we will erect a wall to attach the electrical services to

At the completion of the wall the sun mysteriously appears =)

The first phase of backfilling (The green bundles in the last pic are now blue insulation around the frostwall. A little overkill for a garage/shop, but we are GTR and we do it right!)

It always amazes me how a great operator, like Dwayne from Dig-It, can get the site so flat. The next series will be slab prep and the pouring of the garage slab.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Cozy Feet!!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!! We are now living in a place with a fireplace and our feet are loving it!!

Mmmmmm, cozy feet!!

Mmmmmm, fireplace!!

Work Quietly With Your Hands

Ok, so maybe this isn't exactly quiet, but I am hoping Paul meant the attitude of the heart.
This is the beginnings of a large garage we are building in the Ellison area. (the one from a couple of posts ago). I thought it would be cool to show the progress over the next few weeks.

This is after the hole has been dug and we are doing the footings.

After the footing comes the walls.

Saty tuned for more.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Change Of Heart

What is it in my heart that refuses change and balks at the commands of my Lord? I suppose flesh would be the first thing that pops into my mind, but it seems to be deeper than just that. Somewhere below psychologies, next to the shelves and racks of rational thinking, and right through the door marked "KEEP THE @*%& OUT!!!" there lies the answer. It is found on the face of the guy cowering in the corner over there where the light can't quite reach. It is fear; fear of just about anything, but most particularly death. This would also include the pain associated with the whole process. This fear of pain causes no end of trouble. It hinders every effort towards freedom and hampers all clear thinking. It is the armed guard at every roadblock on the 'way'.
Of course the death this fellow fears is far more than the brutal gore dealt up by Hollywood and the pages of the latest thriller. It is worse because it is far more complete. There is nothing that this death would not touch or demand to be handed over. It is the utter annihilation of the self. Physical death still leaves the self free to wander through the afterlife unscathed. Not really so terrible, unless you just can't live with yourself, then it would truly suck. The kicker is that it is the very fact that the self is demanded and not just confiscated (at this point anyway) that allows this ghoul of fear to haunt the dark crevices of my brain.
The great thing is that in the end he is always proven to be made of nothing more than paper and the only real pain that he brings is the paralyzing fear of his desparate thoughts. He cannot be outsmarted, but he can be dealt a death blow if I will just bow my head and let the One who watches my back cut him down.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

An Office With A View

You know I have seen people trying to get to the office with a view, well this is the view from my office for the next few weeks. Pretty nice, eh?
Oh yeah, there is also a friend from 10 years ago who has returned to Kelowna and is working with me again. We framed before for Double K Craftsmen and now we are the men of GTR. May I introduce Guy Toderash, carpenter in training. We will take him to dizzying heights where framers fear to tread. (Probably because they may have to carry a finishing hammer =) ) Welcome back Guy. (ryhmes with eye not see)