Friday, June 30, 2006

Loving Google Earth

Well, it is official now, the world is way too freakin' small. This site proves that point. I mean, I can scroll around the world in seconds and see you sipping your morning coffee in your pj's.....oops.. maybe I'll just zoom back out a bit. By the way, nice hair, bud.
We have really enjoyed checking this program out and finding many cool sights and places. Of course the familiar places draw us the most. For example we actually found the apartment that we lived in when we were in Shanghai.
Google Earth 3
The thing that astounded me about this satellite view is how barren this area was. The photo above must be in the late ninties or 2000 at the latest. The following photos are from a video I took from the roof of the apartment building we were working on at the corner of Guyang Lu and Gubei Nan Lu. You can see there has been a huge change in just a few years.
This would be looking towards the top of the Google Earth pic. It is looking up Gubei Nan Lu.
This is looking to the left of the GE pic. Note the ever present tower cranes, a constant fixture on the Shanghai skyline.
This is looking to the right close to the top of the GE pic.
And this is looking down the street just left of the middle of the GE pic that runs from the top of the pic to the bottom. That is Guyang Lu where I walked to work every day. As you can see it has changed quite a bit.