Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have recently started to play chess again after a couple of decades or so. It is a truly fascinating game which I have no illusions of mastering, but would love to at least enjoy on a recreational level. My kids have also shown an interest as I have recently purchased a nice set from the stalls at Stanley Market here in Hong Kong. It has the pieces carved from ox bone in the fashion of emperors and warriors, which adds a certain enjoyment to the whole process of playing.
I think the thing that fascinates me most about chess is the whole aspect of forcing the other player into moves until you finally pin then down in checkmate. That sensation of helplessness is unlike any other. This is what lead me to the though I would like to share today. It all revolves around the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and the "Checkmate!" that has resounded throughout the cosmos ever since. It has the same effect on all of us as we survey the board and try our best to see if there are any other options, or perhaps our opponent missed something that will allow us to escape the inevitable outcome. For example, there is the whole argument about evolution....Checkmate! What does it matter if there is or is not a shred of truth to evolution? Christ rose from the dead. Perhaps there is are many ways to heaven.....oops...Checkmate! Christ rose from the dead, not Buddha, not Vishnu, not Mohammad, not Freud, nor any other pretender, only Christ. What about all the evil in the world today?.....there it is again...Checkmate! Christ rose from the dead. The choice is upon us all as to what we will do with this. It really doesn't matter what comes up the resurrection of Christ trumps it all, quite resoundingly. Please don't come out with some lame new Dan Brown styled pseudo science trying to refute what has been a point of fact for 2000 years either. Those so-called hypothesis's are laughable at best.
The nice thing about this checkmate is that there are battles that rage against all believers in the court of their own minds, and this gavels all of them down as empty, unsubstantiated objections against the truth of Christ. It is somewhat debilitating when you are on the receiving end of checkmate, but oh how wonderful when you hear the Lord sound this out like a trumpet before all your enemies!!