Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What is it we don't get???

I am not sure why it is that societies which have been around for a heck of a lot longer than ours seem to understand the problem with homosexuality and yet we with our limited experience and history can't seem to clue in. Even our most educated leaders and statesmen cannot seem to give a credible answer for our actions. They suggest that the rule of the majority must be offset by the rule of the minority. Really this is saying that what the majority of people believe to be true is not and cannot be trusted. This is telling us that no thing is wrong. If one person believes it then that person is a minority and must have his/her rights protected. Seems to me then that we are no longer in any kind of a democracy, but rather a minority dictatorship where the rules are less important than the feelings of the individuals. It would be interesting for some of these minorities to apply these same principles to their favourite sporting events. Hmmmm, I wonder what exactly it is which would ensue?

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