Thursday, August 19, 2004

And I Thought the Smog was Thick in Shanghai!

To any of you who may read this I bid you a fond welcome and hope that you will return the favour as I and my family step back onto native soil. OK, I realise that may be loaded with innuendo, but that is not where I am going. I hope to go to a place where I may walk awake amongst the slumbering. I hope to remain alive in fields of dying. I hope the change will take. What it all means is just that I finally found a piece of life beyond what the home of my birth has offered me for so many years. The only thing I may find frightening is the fact that the treasure is lying right out there in the open. It is in plain view of all as we peer over the lip of the trenches towards the lines of our foe. It lies in the midst of the field of battle.
I hope I will not forget valour.
Lest we forget. (c. AD 33)

Love waved a white flag
And fear ran it through
(the Choir, from the album 'Chase the Kangaroo)

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