Monday, April 25, 2005

How Does That Go Again???

Ever find yourself in a strangely dejavous-ish situation searching for the way out, all the while knowing that the familiar looking door over there is not the right way? It is only familiar because you have used it before; in fact every time you have been here that is the way you have tried to get out. Strange thing is that the door leads to a hallway that winds its way around to a darkened corridor at the end of which lies a trapdoor back into the place you just left. So do you try the door yet again? Staying in the room seems to only bring on a sense of panic. The sense that this room may be all you will ever know. The Quiet Voice tells you that you must wait here for the answer, but the loud voice tells you the door is the only way out and further more it says that to remain here will kill you. "Get up and fight!", it yells at you along with some perfectly chosen diminutive phrases. In such a lonely place and yet so crowded by others, what will you choose this time?? What will I choose??


Nathan said...

I've been pacing restlessly infront of that door. Every once in awhile I crack it open to see if anything's changed; it never does. I've even bolted through it once or twice and got just up to where the hallway starts bending back. Why is turning around so hard when you know that if you keep going you'll end up back at the start again?

It's that thing of being restless... and so you've just gotta DO something. The only remedy for the restless is rest.

(listen to yourself, Nathan)

Brad the Dad said...

Yeah, I hear ya. Lately everywhere I turn I see the number 7. Loooong story, but in China the Lord spoke to us repeatedly through the number 7 and it was always about rest.

(listen to yourself Brad) :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Interesting blog post, very deep and creepy at the same time. Choices...our lives are made up of them and the ones we make determine the rest of our lives. Scary stuff!