Saturday, May 07, 2005

O To Let Go

It is a wonder some days that the blood even flows through my body. This is not due to my love for Burger King, although that will definitely slow the flow. It is due to the way I can get wired so tight about life. The constriction is intolerable most times and yet as I search for where the knots started I cannot seem to locate the beginning of it all. It does have a start somewhere as all things other than God do, but in this instance it is only God who can find it. Why is it that in the economy of the kingdom to surrender and admit defeat is the height of victory for us? I ask why because this is the single most difficult thing for a human being to do. Of course we all know, or have seen, or have been the one who has just caved in and let life happen to them, but this is not surrender, this is a continuation of the fight on a different level. Surrender happens when we lay down all earthly effort and subject ourselves under God. We sit down and listen to Him explain where the knots begin. We use His tools to start pulling the strings, ropes and wires away from each other. We hand over the urge to scream and rage against the confinement and receive the patience to work it out. We know we want to be free, we know we are supposed to be free, but the patience and forbearance eludes us. This is the gift.

Of course all of this does not happen in a bubble, it happens as life is bearing down on you with all its fury,

it happens in real-time.
So, are we up for a chat with the Prince of Peace, or will we rail against it all until the fury has its way?

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