Thursday, October 20, 2005

Times They Are A-Changin'

Well it has been over a year since our return to Canada from China and the time of transition is not even nearly over. It is something that we thought would be simple and not nearly so profound. We also thought that we would be prepared for what we are facing. Not so.
There was an initial and ongoing culture shock which has been hard to explain to most people without causing some offence or another. This, all unintentionally of course. This has shown us how deeply our time and experience affected us. I don't think there is a dream or longing that has not been altered, shelved or just outrightly deleted in our lives. Some of those things God had to let us actually have so that we could see that it was not what we wanted. In some ways this is helping us fit in more and in others it is leading to more separation, it all depends on which group you talk to.
Our guess is that, just like Neo, there is a splinter in our minds which can drive us mad if we let it. We know where we are heading, but we have no idea how or when. Like a bus ride through a strange city to see a concert by your favourite band.
So now we live in the tension of it and continue to prepare and trust. It is so fun and yet so frightening at the same time.
I am purposely keeping this vague because those who know what's up will be able to read between the lines and for those who don't, I don't want them to get pinched between them.

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