Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our Little Oasis

So we finally made it for a night out on our own. It has been a while, but well worth the wait. Cris found this great B&B in Peachland called Okanagan Oasis. We would totally recommend this place to anyone, it was so relaxing. Of course we would also recommend getting married in early April because you get better rates and there are fewer people around. We got the whole place to ourselves and it was great.
The view was amazing wherever we looked and the amenities were very tasteful. The first thing we did was just crash on the bed and relax. It was so good to not be wondering when the kids were going to come in and jump on us or when we would have to go and mediate a fight.
The house had been reno'ed for the B&B just 3 years ago and the back yard is still in progress. The deck they have built is multilevel and at night it is set off with rope lights which add a great atmosphere.In this picture you can also see the palm tree by the hottub which was lit up at night too and just added to the ambiance. We sat and talked in the tub for 2 hours. This is another benefit of the April anniversary, the air was cool enough to let us sit in the tub for as long as we liked.
Going into the weekend planning a month previous we both had to let go of any huge expectations. We found that this was just putting too much pressure on us to have the 'perfect' weekend. We have found that when we do this we just find ourselves going from thing to thing trying to find that 'perfection' and it just eludes us and we are totally spent by the end of it. This was the perfect opposite.

So all in all this was a fantastic weekend getaway, and a great 10 year celebration. We can't wait for #20!!
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