Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Little Dipper Trip

We had a great weekend getaway last weekend (nothing like Guam, mind you) We went to a little place on the West Kettle River called the Little Dipper Campground and had a relaxing two nights out in the tent and two days of fun. The kids got to swim in the little swimming hole at the turn of the river which was called the Sandy Beach. They trucked in sand to make it happen, but it was great. Ethan had some problems with the name though, and it became known as Sandy-iego (lol). There was hiking both days and a playground made up of underground tunnels which the kids loved. They pretended to be groundhogs and went through spaces I never would have thought they would even try. It was a hoot.
The owners, George and Frauke Delisle, are excellent hosts and it truly is a family place so leave the loud tunes on the highway and get ready to kick back. I kicked back so hard I fell asleep on the sandy beach for almost an hour while the kids played. Don't worry, Cris was keeping an eye on them.
I have to include one pic for obvious reasons, but for more pics of the trip go here.

Aug 12,06 (9) Good Morning Ethan

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