Sunday, September 10, 2006

Future Date Night Option

I found this site while I was looking through some of the restaurant guides for Shanghai and dreaming of where I will take Cris when we go back. She didn't really get to go to any of these kinds of places and I only went to one. The experience is as important as the cuisine and the cuisine is outstanding. The food there is amazing, and I did not find one restaurant where it was in the least disappointing (except Tony Roma's) (Yes he's there too).
Do yourself a favour and check the site out and look over the menu specialties, see if you wouldn't want to take your sweetie there for a super special night out.

South Beauty

South Beauty 2
This is the entrance to the restuarant on Taojiang Road.

South Beauty 3
A shot of the inside of the Taojiang restuarant.

South Beauty 4
This one is at the Super Brand Mall and has a view out over the Huang River to the lights of the Bund.

It will be so nice to treat Cris out to something like this, but I have to stop now because she said it isn't fair to her tummy to talk like this and not be able to eat like that.

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