Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why We Fight

why we fight
This will have to be the next movie I rent. It has remained on the shelf after numerous viewings of the package, but next time it's coming home. The website has some great footage to whet your appetite and the header on the movie poster really caught my eye. It says ' It is nowhere written that the American empire goes on forever.'. I have, in the light of biblical history of empires, been spouting this kind of stuff for years; kinda nice to see it out there in black and white.
Anyway, that's my tribute to movies. If you are interested in giving an opinion on the worst movie of all time just go to my buddy Dawson's blog. The battle is raging on there.

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Dawson and Leona McKay said...

Looks awesome. I just checked out all the clips on the website and I think it's a must-see film. The more people who are asking intelligent questions, the better.

Have you ever seen "The Fog of War"? It's a documentary about former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (1961-68) and his involvement in the American war machine. Another must-see.