Monday, March 26, 2007

"An Atom Bomb Of A Book"

Just finished reading this tome, and wow, what an eye opener. It is a very clearly written and exhaustively researched look at tyranny and the mask it still wears. Well worth the read, even just to get an understanding of the global politics we rarely realise in our own worldview.


Rob said...

Oh come on... What could that book possibly have to say about Mao that the average American doesn't already know? We're American's, our media has edumicated us good about other countries an' dey evil dictaters...

Okay... well, maybe not. I'll put it on my readin' list. :)

Brad the Dad said...

Yeah, we get the evil dictators list from childhood here too. This was so interesting though because it wasn't just the "communist=evil" stuff I grew up with. This really puts a face to it in a way that helped me see that it's not "communist=evil", it's "evil guy = evil outcome".