Monday, May 28, 2007

Isn't It Interesting....

Isn't it interesting that it was only after it became impossible for Abraham to produce an heir that God counted his belief as righteousness. (Gen 15:1-6 not Gen 12:1-5)


Pasha said...

I just preached on this text a week ago. I have been preaching a whole series on Abraham, and have been telling the Tuvans here that Abraham is a good lesson of how we can learn to have faith in our lives.

This text brought to light for me that Abraham was in fact angry with God, but God was able to take this, and he responded to Abraham's honesty. God brought healing for Abraham and gave him the encouragment to continue to believe.

So, it was only after Abraham got angry with God, that God could finally get through to him.

Powerful stuff.

Brad the Dad said...

Faith is indeed the key and the end of ourselves is where it is found.

Go Tuvans!!