Saturday, September 29, 2007

To My One True Fan...(How Weird Is That?)

Well, I was reminded in an email that it has been a very long time since I posted anything here so it is with tail firmly tucked that I return to my blog. Truth of it is that during the day I think of so many things I would like to post and yet by the end of the day the creative juice just doesn't seem to be there. I'll try to resurrect at least one of those ideas here and hopefully be a little more consistant in posting future ones.
Of the many things that have crossed my mind lately the main theme has been unity. All of the little stories and blog posts (that never made it here) could be funneled into this one stream. To me it is the most important aspect of our lives as believers and it will be the clincher at that age old trial to see if we really are Christians. I assume you've all heard that one right? "If they were to put you on trial for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?". If someone actually carried through with this threat (which is how I've always seen that statement) then it seems obvious to me that the burden of evidence would be based on what Jesus said about it all. He said that they would find all the evidence they need in our love for each other. This is always the toughest one though. It would be so much easier if it just relied on the nice things I've done or the number of times I pray a week. Even if it would just be on how I treat people who don't know Jesus it would probably be easier. Somehow when we enter into the fold the bar is raised till it is out of reach. It is like we walk around with a bar held up by a pole in our hand to keep it safely out of reach of ourselves and anyone else. We hold that pole up to people and when they fail to reach it we are released from our responsibility to love and respect them. I don't think we do it nearly so consciously as this, but I do see it happen all the time.
How many times have you been in a service and/or gathering and in a moment of glory wished that all the body could experience God like you were? How many epiphanies have you had in the scriptures and felt sure that it applied to everyone? How many special times have you had with Jesus and felt sure that it should be this way for all.....or at least that one person in particular. Truth is that this reveals in us the desire to cookie cut, the desire that will fight against dropping the walls. Truth is it all appears so noble in the moment too. Truth is God is too big to fit in one expression or epiphany. Truth is that if someone is standing on the same foundation (not a denominational pronouncement of foundational values, but the firm foundation of Christ) than we have before us an opportunity to pull the curtain back a little bit more. We have in that moment a chance to see more of the face of our Lord, a chance to see a side of Him that may not fit our experience or understanding. We need not worry about the difference too much either, because if it is grievous or erroneous it will be borne out in time. If, on the other hand, it is not grievous and erroneous we will have shrunk ourselves to fit into the box we are building. That place is small and always growing strangely smaller.
This post has taken a very long time to write due to the many distractions of a Saturday morning, but I just want to leave it with one question: How many times have you found it so much easier to minister to the lost than to the body?
PS Sorry it took so long between posts Wendy.

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Anonymous said...

Brad, you outdid yourself on this post. Your words gave me a kick in the pants because I know how true it is to be focused on the unbelievers around us and forget about our own brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm going to keep this one as a reminder. Thanks for sharing what's in your heart - you're a blessing!

Your One True Fan!