Thursday, January 01, 2009


As a photographer the word resolution means a lot to me. It gives me the ability to crop and zoom without losing focus and clarity. I think a true resolution at the New Year should do the same thing, bring clarity to the smaller matters of one's life. To resolve in this fashion is to make a strong determination while in the camera it is to bring the viewer as close to reality as possible, again a great crossover. I really want to find myself closer to reality this year than last and that means I will need to set my sights differently.
A friend said that he felt that God has been shifting His people's focus off of the things of this earth in a renewed way lately. The first thought that popped up was that this is the business that God has always been in and perhaps it is just a place we (40+ years old) are in where we start to take in our perspectives with the goal line slowly coming into view. Not to say that there isn't a lot of track still left to lay or that we are at death's door, but the view ahead is seen with the understanding of how quickly the view behind us has already passed by. This puts the mind onto things of eternal value and also shines a disturbingly bright light on the temporal things that surround us and take so much of our time and considerations. It seems that any time I spend time thinking about our finances, our vehicle, the house we'll never afford and all the other stuff clambering for my attention this light slowly breaks through and the gleam or gloom starts to fade away. Of course if I don't pay attention to the light all that I am left with is the stupidity of bending myself out of shape for things that will never last. There is also the despair that awaits my thoughts when I ponder all this without the eternal in mind. Really, what would the point be then anyway! It might seem grandiose to think that my life has made some impact on the future, but that only assuages my anxiety in the now and is completely pointless from a personal standpoint if who I am ceases to exist in the end. It's like the people who think about suicide and then fantasize about the people's reactions at their funeral. Pointless. Pointless because it has to involve two or more people to actually mean anything at all.
Blah, blah, blah.
Point is that I want to keep the eternal in focus and live it with other people. That to me is resolution. Eat your hearts out Nikon!

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NavlGazr said...

You surprise me with your writing. I like the way you let your mind out. Keep letting the temporal go for an embracing of things eternal my friend. I will endeavour to do the same.