Thursday, March 12, 2009

Typhoon Season

I guess we'll have to get used to this just like all Hong Kong residents, but wow, what a change from the Okanagan Valley. Might have to take up windsurfing.
The first video is of Typhoon Hagupit the edge of which struck Hong Kong when I was there in September at my friends' place. The second one is of a typhoon pounding Cheung Chau where we will be living.

The storm got much worse that evening and we could even feel the tower my friends live in shudder every now and again. It was a pretty cool experience really and they were very nonchalant about it all, but were obviously peeved by all the water getting through the windows. Next time I think I'll go for a walk, or maybe some sidewalk surfing, who knows.

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Amrita said...

Hi Brad, lovely to see you on my "Leader 's List" I don 't call it Followers.

Now I am ready to look at HK through your eyes.

My the Lord lead you each step of the way.