Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Frank Confession

Ok, ok, I know I live in Hong Kong, and work at a Chinese school. I also know that it was on my heart for years to return to China (apologies to all the Hong Kongers who don't like that connection), but as far as cuisine goes my mouth is about 2000 miles west of here where the spices are as rich and colorful as the people. I am talking about India! Wow! I am just so in love with their food. If I was eating Indian all the time I would be as fat as the buddha and twice as happy!
I just had to get that off my chest since coming home from our second date to an Indian restaurant. This time it is a place on the waterfront of Cheung Chau called Moroccos. Absolutely loved the food, and the people have such a welcoming and lively way about them. We really need to visit the country soon.
Anyway, that is all I need to say about that right now. I am stuffed and happy!

(Cheers Amrita!!)

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Wendy said...

Ha! This made my day, Brad! Glad you had a good time.