Monday, June 20, 2011

Bits And Pieces

There has been a lot of reflection going on in my turbulent little fishbowl, even the odd refraction when I put it out in the daylight. Sometimes I just glance at it while I mutter through my day, while other times I sit and wonder at how the odds and ends can look so different with just a subtle shift of perspective. Still water allowing glowing streams of light to strike little items with coruscating luminance, ripples and waves camouflaging everything in a shimmering subterfuge. The shell of glass innocently, physically shifting the parameters of every form entrusted to its transparent embrace.
Don't know if this makes any sense, but it is where my brain happens to reside at this very moment. I can tell you that right now I would much rather grab my little fishbowl set it next to yours and share a drink or two while we watch the forgetfull little fish swim around. Rather do that than sit here and punch these goofy keys. How 'bout you?


Anonymous said...

I would much rather being sharing a cold one on our beach with you laughing as the forgetful little fish swim rather than going to bed alone while you are gone for 3 days.

Brad the Dad said...

Are you talking about the 3 forgetful little fish?? lol
I miss you too Babe!