Saturday, May 08, 2004

You Said What??!!!

Well it is official now. They know who I am. I have been discovered.
Yesterday when I went into our main site office to pick up some long-distance phone cards there was someone there who took me aside to talk. Through some broken English and Chinese I was told that the big boss here had made inquiries about my work so far. The reports have been good so far. Problem is, I was told, that there are complexities in the office of which I am not aware. Apparently I had said something to someone about something which had caused a stir and I was being told to be careful. Of course this made me more than curious. We had just recently been told that we were to be communicating more at work and sharing information freely between departments. So what was this all about! Through a translation program on a computer, which only translates single words, not phrases, I asked if it was work things or personal things which I has talked about. The reply was that it was personal things. Suddenly a light came on and I reached over and typed a word on the computer. I asked if it was when I talked about this word in particular and there was a vigourous affirmative which said the nail was hit right on the head. The word I typed was 'God'. I have unofficially been told that my job is in danger here because I have told someone about God. The funniest thing about all this is what God said to me on the way home after work. I actually burst out laughing on the street. God reminded me that when I was in the plane on my way here (China) for the first time He told me that he was sending me to a place where my words mean nothing. Very few people in the office speak very little English so apart from wearing some really tacky t-shirt no one would know that I am a Christian. My translator only translates work related stuff so this would not be an avenue either. So now the enemy has spread the word that there is a Christian in our midst. The problem for him is that God makes us living epistles so now he has drawn attention to a living, breathing letter from God. They would have never known otherwise. God told me, as I was laughing on the street, that a spirit of fear had just revealed himself. Well, we will pray against this demon and ask for wisdom on how to proceed from here at work. The jewel I find in all of this is the joy and confidence of the unchangeable counsel of God. He is never thwarted. I love His ways!