Tuesday, June 01, 2004

You Did What??!!

Yes indeed there will be those times in our lives where this question will be put to us. Of course as Jesus said those born of the Spirit will probably have this question put to them more often than anyone. (Check John 3:8 for reference) There should be a definable eccentricity to our lives as we follow our Lord. His footsteps rarely landed in a sequence we would have determined for them and at every turn this question was being put to Him. Family will ask it, even as His family did. The world will minimalise and marginalise it as it did to Him. The religious will scorn, deride, and even attempt to destroy those who live this way. Are we prepared to be the parade of fools? Is it possible that the accusation of drunkard followed our Lord because of His seemingly erratic footsteps and "life choices"? Of course we have the luxury of two thousand years of scholarly debate and saintly insight to help us understand. We have the written word and the Spirit of God to heal our eyes. Back then they could not turn a page or peruse a harmony of the gospels to see that indeed there was a harmony to His every step. Perhaps this safe distance is not so safe after all. Does our life have the marks of the joyous drunken stagger our Lord's bore? Is this blasphemy? I think not. Check the footsteps of His life and try to look at each as if you did not know what was coming next. He obviously did not carry a daytimer. Consider then that His disciples stuck it out with Him even through all of this seeming absurdity. It was the beauty of Christ that captivated them not His sensibility, alas for Judas.
Hmmm, I wonder then what I should do today?

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