Thursday, March 10, 2005

Here We Go Again?

Well tonight my wife is off learning how to teach an ESL class while I am at home looking after the kids. It seems we are heading in the direction of the border again and as before we have no idea when or where. Cris sees this as a step in that direction and the course is tied to the Hope For The Nations group as a tool towards helping orphans. We have had it on our hearts for a long time to go overseas and help at an orphanage and now God seems to be leaning into it with us. Like I said a couple of posts down, when the wind blows you gotta steer.
A few years back when we were in Saskatoon the Lord started impressing on us that we would be moving and we both started thinking of the obstacles which would hinder this. At the time I had started a home based contracting business and saw no way of relocating so I dismissed this as just being our notion. Then one day at work the thought came out of nowhere that I could perhaps hook up with a friend in Calgary and this got the wheels turning. Suddenly the possibilties began to open up and so did my mind. I think my spirit smiled and chuckled, cuz it knew all along. In the end we did move and everything worked out great.
Now there is the move to China last year that we must consider. Just like the thought about Calgary came out of nowhere so did this move; literally. On November 3ish I heard about the job in Shanghai and on December 11 I was there. Prior to this we were not even looking in that direction even remotely. Now God has our attention and we are leaning into what He has for us. No idea where, but....


molly said...

Wow! VERY cool!!!

We feel that we are supposed to do something like that sometime...not right now, but we have no doubts God will make it perfectly clear when it's time.

CWG said...

Wow man
You speak my language. It is on my heart to someday run an orphanage. I love your obedience and dependancy on God. You will be rewarded as you search for his heart. I didn't get to know you as well as I would have liked, however I am starting to see that the heart is very similar. Bless you and your family as you seek out the kingdom on your families behalf.

Brad the Dad said...

Yeah when we went ot China there were a whole list of confirmations that blew our minds. God is so good to communicate clearly. We look forward to hearing when your time comes.