Monday, March 21, 2005

You Go Sister

What a refreshing blog this was to read. Just straight up faith, love and devotion. Living here in N.A. it can be easy to forget, but like a cold water on a hot day, this kind of faith just invigorates. No colliding issues and ponderings, just God. This is what I want.
My wife and I talked yesterday about the fact that we tend towards wanting to hear faith via worship music, messages, books, and even blogs; but we have a much harder time speaking out of our own hearts. Not the regurgitation of another's professions either. We're talking about straight off the walls of our hearts like dayglo graffiti in the darkness. One regurgitation I will give comes from John Wesley and it goes like this," Preach faith till you have it, and then you will preach because you have it."
I think this blog is about to change......

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