Monday, June 13, 2005

The Hands Of God

It was a relatively good Sunday. A good day in the AM with the kids at home after working a half day on Saturday. This was followed by a good morning/afternoon at church. Linda Pallone was speaking and Kim Unrau was doing the MC'ing. They did a little tag teaming during the message and it worked great. The thing that hit me most profoundly though was when one of them said to close our eyes and ask God what was on His mind as He created Adam. As I closed my eyes there was a sudden rush that went through me as I saw, through my inner eyes, the Father shaping Adam. His fingers gently parting Adam's with His own fingers, sliding them in between and taking hold of his hand. A single divine finger spread out Adam's toes one by one and rounded them over with those cool little pads on the end of each one. This tickled and Father's heart wanted to see His son's smile so He gently ran His thumb across Adam's face and as the mouth opened to smile He breathed in the first breath of life. A gasp, a laugh and joy poured back out in response. Father ran His hand over His son's head a drew forth a great mane of hair. Yes He even reached down and set in order the parts which made Adam uniquely male. His hands caressed into being each and every portion of His son. I believe this is why we have skin over our whole body. It is an organ of sense and touch and it awoke to the touch of the Father on that day. It was spread out by His hand as He traced every muscle and sinew. It is the mantle of His abiding love and devotion for us. This moved me to tears.
You see, before this I had always had this picture of God being rather regal and apart as He spoke into being all of creation. Now with the rest of the created realm this is true, but of Adam it says:

7And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

This means that with everything else He spoke it into being, but with Adam He actually got in there and got His hands dirty. He chose the dirt, He picked it up and fashioned it with His hands, He put His lips to the earth and breathed life into it. Of course He is still doing it today and it gives me shivers to think of the desire my Father has for me. Is life so, definitely not, my Father's abiding love is with me and always will be.

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