Sunday, June 26, 2005

Livingroom Concert

Cris and I had the privilege of going to a livingroom concert last night by Rik Leaf. It was hosted at Andrew Smith's place and was well attended by musicians and non (Me). There were many friends from all over Rik's life there and the atmosphere was very warm. Andrew and some others including his talented kids and Norm Strauss got in on the opening set and the music was soaring. To get a taste of what Andrew has been up to check out this CD. As the cover illustrates, Andrew's virtuoso on the guitar is rising to new heights. Apparently this is fondly admired by other musicians like Rik who during his set was struggling with a hideous mass of cords and cables twined between pedals and other assorted gear and blurted out from beneath his keyboards that
"If I could play an instrument like Andrew I wouldn't need all this crap!"

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