Monday, February 13, 2006

Because I Can

I just had to blog this. It has been a while since I first saw this on a billboard and now as I drive to the bridge from the westside I am accosted yet again by this flagrant excess. The sign is advertising for Woodland Hills, where the homes start at $1 million.

Of course as I peer past the billboard and across the lake I see the downtown core of Kelowna which is plagued with a homelessness and crime rate which is far in excess of its diminutive size. It also makes sense that no one is advertising low cost housing projects for zealous developers when our horizon is filled with view-guzzling monstrosities. There are no signs stating that there are huge opportunities for humanitarian aid right here where you could take an easy drive to a place where people need help. No need to bother with the pesky details of shipping costs and antagonistic governments. Nobody seems to want to tell the rich who are flocking here that they may also add to this community 'because they can'.
The shame of it all is only really seen when looked at through the inside of the funeral home, or from the beautiful Okanagan sunshine glinting off a highly polished tombstone. Unfortunately for all of us, that is when it is too late.
The best thing though is that there is One who is not afraid to confront this in all of us. It may be a big billboard or a sad stare, but the question is, will we hear? I hope I do.

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