Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Little Sensitive, Eh?

So I wake up this morning with the usual load of stuff on my mind when this thought comes gently surfing in regarding my identity. Normally this would be the wrecking ball that would send my thoughts crashing down and leave me sifting through the mental debris for the rest off the day. The difference today was the authour of those thoughts. You see if the horned wonder delivers my morning mail it can set a rather dark tone for the day. He never really seems to be in a sunshiny mood. Go figure. If my Father, contrarily, tosses me the morning paper it reads quite differently all day. In fact it is the one newspaper guaranteed to ward off a rainy day.
So this morning Dad asks me why it is that sometimes it can be so easy to be expecting a podium performance for Dad of the Year and the next time to be wondering when social services is going to bash down the door. This is only one context and you can fill in whatever burning contradiction you like, they all fit. Now, before I could leap off on a tangent and start berating and bashing, Dad decided to answer His own question which is the really cool thing about letting Him do the asking.
The gist of what God said is that we as human beings are photosensitive. Not photogenic, photosensitive which means:

pho·to·sen·si·tive adj.

1. Sensitive or responsive to light or other radiant energy.
2. Abnormally sensitive or reactive to light.

Source: The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Both of the definitions are applicable to this blog. I especially like the 'radiant energy' part. You see, plants are photosensitive in a more dramatic fashion than we are due to the fact that they produce food through the radiant energy of the sun. This is purely physical though. Conversely, we humans are dramatically photosensitive in the spirit. This is due to the fact that we produce food through the radiant energy of the Son. The food we produce is called the fruit of the Spirit and in the spirit it is quite edible. If you doubt this just try being loving around a person, particularly a child, who is unloved or feels unlovable. You will most likely feel almost immediately overwhelmed by their appetite. They are feeding in their spirit from the fruit God has produced in you. Your reaction in this situation will of course depend on whether or not you are still planted in a window where the Son is shining. Problem I find is that I can get away from that window and start thinking that that strange glow is actually coming from me. It is truly amazing how quickly that glow gets chewed away as people around me try to take a bite. Then I tend to bite back. As I am chewing on a mouthful of my fellow man (this dish most often consists of my wife and kids due to exposure) I am overcome with the realisation that this does not taste at all like what I was just eating a little while ago. Then I have a choice to make, I can try to take a bite from someone else in hopes that they are more tasty or I can go back to what I know satisfies.
The best thing about going back to the source is that it not only satisfies me, but it also allows people to take a bite of me and get a taste of what I am eating. So when someone comes at me with anger there is a soft response, like Jesus gives me. When they come with hurt there is compassion, like Jesus gives me. When they come with violence there is forgivness, like Jesus gives me. You get the point.
So I have discovered today that I am not really as messed as I thought I was. Just like a plant without sunlight turns rather pathetic looking and over time begins to decay in a most unsightly manner, so to I become quite an eyesore when I am out of the Sonlight for any length of time. So if anyone out there finds in me a lack of yumminess, please be kind enough to point me in the direction of the nearest window. 谢谢你.


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