Tuesday, December 26, 2006

One Piece

Holy Crap!!!
What is it about cold weather that acts as an irresistable lure to lunatics and sociopathic road warriors? I cannot help but wonder as I kiss the warm floor of home after returning from the Coast for Christmas. Apparently a herd of these nomadic morons got wind of our travel arrangements and decided to join us on our homeward migration. Fortunately my wife is a fiercesome prayer warrior and she and the Holy Ghost fended of their determined onslaught and delivered us with much peace and in one piece. WHEW!!!!
Merry Christmas........and safe travels to all.


Pasha said...

Ah, the Coquihalla Highway, were you on the Coquihalla? It'll do it you every time.

Brad the Dad said...

Yup, it was the Coquihalla all right. It is no wonder they call it the Coke since everyone seems to be trippin' when they're driving it.