Monday, December 04, 2006

Why Is It??

Why is it that I am being slapped silliy with requests for change orders. Not renovation type of changes either, which would be quite easily handled. These are the kind where people are asking me to change where I am standing so they can see their world better. Sometimes they even want me to change my shape or color. The worst of all is when they simply request that I remove my presence altogether. After awhile it starts to feel like I am in Circque de Soliel. The contortions become quite painful for someone who is not so flexible and I then stop and reevaluate why I am going through this torture. Sometimes it is justifiable, but most times it is just plain silly.
The frustrating thing is that for most of us life can seem intolerable when people are being themselves instead of who we think they should be. The things they do complicate our lives endlessly and they show no remorse or even awareness of the consequences their actions bear upon us. If this is the way things are supposed to be I gotta admit that checking out would seem like a viable option. The weight of it all is just too oppressive. Of course being a bit of a chicken shit when it comes to personal impalement I would find some other form of self destruction and just draw it all out for much longer.
To avoid all this I have to remind myself that I can actually ignore these change orders ( for the most part). The reason being that most of the things people would want me to change are simply for their own comfort and so that they don't have to change themselves. The same goes for me. When I think that rewriting someones program would enhance my life then I am heading for trouble. For one thing, no one is running around out there with a keyboard strapped to their noodle and if they did it would probably be bearing a sticker saying 'Protected by Smith & Wesson'. The other thing is that I would never understand the language they are wired with. That whole option is hopeless. If I go the other way though, I find that I know the language and I can access the mainframe quite easily, cuz its my own noodle. This is where I should concentrate on making changes.
The only thing remaining then is what should be programmed in there when the system starts smoking and the gears are grinding? This is simple. Just refer to the Owner's manual.

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