Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Well Nathan, it has been awhile so here goes.
5 Things you may not know about me.

#1. I used to have a dog named Snoopy, but she was a she not a he.

#2 Most of my life has been spent in B.C., but I was born in the prairies.

#3 I only got into construction because during the days I was doing drugs it was the easiest thing to get into. I have found out though, that you don't actually have to be stoned to be a carpenter, or at least to be a good one.

#4 I started smoking on the night of my grade 12 graduation. It has been said that if you haven't started by then you probably never will. I always seem to leave things right to the end.

P.S. Been quit now for 8 years now

#5 I'd still pick S'toon over Kelowna for a place to live in Canada. Course I've never been to Cornerbrook.

So there you go. Since I don't know who all reads this thing you'll have to leave some sign of your passing for me to know where your tag is.


Paul said...

G'day Brad,

Hmmm. I have lived in Borden, half an hour from Saskatoon. So I would call Saskatoon my Canadian city. I have been to Kelown a few times, for work and for holiday. I think Kelowna is a very beautiful place and it is obviously warmer than Saskatoon.
But, you have lived in both. So I am curious why you prefer Saskatoon.

(Paul is Pasha).

Brad the Dad said...

I feel that S'toon is a friendlier place than Kelowna will ever be. S'toon also seems to be a little more in touch with the real world whereas Kelowna lives in the eternal sunshine of its own mind. I appreciate the physical beauty of both places, but what's a mountain when the social enviroment is off?

Pasha said...

Well said.... I'm sure all the Sask bods will agree. I'll remember that if I ever live in Canada again..... but still that sunshine would be tempting! I like Saskatoon too. It's my city, sort of. I'm a really confused person, having lived in three countries.

Brad the Dad said...

Hey, don't be fooled. the sun is only here in the summer. In S'toon they see the sun in the winter too.

Pasha said...

Thanks for reading my blog Brad. I know others do, in fact many tell me they do but never leave comments. So your comments are encouraging.