Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can't Wait

Well, the time is drawing near for my trip to Hong Kong and I am finding that my mind is easily wandering off to all sorts of interesting places. It seems to show up a lot at work where I have to try and guard against mental meanderings all the time. It gets really bad when I am going to a job that is a 45 minute drive on the other side of the lake. It never seems to happen just before the last exit but rather just as I am pulling up to the customer's house. I am getting better at making myself busy and tying up loose ends I never thought of before, so perhaps there is an upside.
We just went to the airport today to say farewell to my buddy's wife as she was heading back home to Athens while he stays here to visit a few more days and that obviously got my brain going again. It is hard to keep it here.
We ponder quite often what it will be like to live on Cheung Chau island and walk a path so different from where we are now. There have been dreams, words and signs that God has given aplenty and yet it all seems so hard to believe.
I will write soon about some of the cool things that are pointing this out as the right direction and let you weigh them for yourselves.
Gotta run. Friends from Indonesia are arriving soon. So cool being part of the missions community.

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