Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Day At A Time

Sometimes it is so hard to just keep it simple. With all the stuff that comes at us every day it doesn't take much to set everything off balance. It may just be a case of taking on one more thing than is necessary or perhaps reaching too far in one direction. The reaching usually happens in one of three directions, forward, backward or up (down usually results in a seated or fetal posture so I won't include that here). From the off balance position things usually proceed to a full on falling position because if the situation is not rectified it is impossible to stay off balance for any length of time. Most of the time, for me, I feel as though I am falling forward. I reach out to try and take hold of the future and end up flat on my face. Lately it has been the whole dream of returning to China that has me unravelled. My boss even asked me how I would handle it if the teaching job falls through. I told him I would probably go into some kind of withdrawal for awhile.
Thing about grabbing for the future is that there is nothing of any substance there until it becomes today. There are things in the realm of faith that we can grab, but they are rarely to do with our schedules and expectations.
That is where I am at right now. If you hear a loud thud, that was just me again.

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Pasha said...

G'day Brad,

We make plans for the future and we live in today. All of our plans we place in God's hands.
We hope to return to Russia in 2010, but we always say it is God willing. What if for some reason we are unable to get visas to return?
So I understand how you feel. At the same time I am very excited for you that you may be moving to Hong Kong.
Tell me more, or at least keep us very up to date!

Blessings to your family.

Paul. (P.S I met George the other day.)