Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mario As A Family Cohesion Substance

So we have been playing Super Mario Galaxy with the kids for the last month or so and have found that it is actually a pretty cool interactive kind of activity. It does lack the shoulder jarring athletics of some of the Wii family of games, but we all have fun. The latest breakthrough was when Sammy finally collected enough stars to get the observatory flying through space again. The excitement was off the charts as Sammy came charging upstairs to declare his final victory over the evil Bowser. What a moment. That was just today so now he has a whole new realm of galaxies to explore and levels to conquer, most of which will require at least some parental aid. Drat, you mean I have to play Wii again =] .

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NavlGazr said...

That stuff will rot the brain amigo!