Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Son's Murderer

I know that is a bit of a heavy title, but it is the thought that was on my mind today. There was some music playing that spoke about the love and holiness of God, and while I gathered up the tools for the job this thought came careening into my heart. It saw the Father watching His Son as He formed the first human being from the dust of His newly created sphere. The Son, by, for and through Whom all things were created crafted the limbs and shape of this man. This dust that had never known the pulse of life received the very breath of Yahweh, and it responded by breathing in, and out, and in again. The eyes opened and at that very moment they looked up into the eyes of eternal love, but this is not what set my tears to flowing. It is the eyes that looked down with love on the one who would ultimately murder Him. Somehow this context had eluded me until today.
This is one of the ones that will be shined up and safely tucked away in my pack. Perhaps the next time I get up and brush the dust off I will take a moment to remember the One who knew from eternity past the cost of loving me, and yet belied not a hint of regret when His eyes first laid eyes on me. And you.


Wendy said...

Definitely a pondering thought, Brad. Gives new meaning to a song I sang with a choir years ago, "What Wondrous Love is This?" At the time, it was just a song. Today, decades later, it's profound.

NavlGazr said...

You should listen to the message at our church from a couple weeks back. Really connected to your thought. Heavy, yes, but necessary.