Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Do You Rest??

This has been an ongoing thing for me, the lesson of rest, especially guilt-free rest. It probably has a cultural root in me, but some roots grow weeds and I don't want weeds. These weeds come from a heritage of hard core work ethic that grew up in fertile soil of personal insecurities. Really rich stuff, and like any other rich, dark soil it had plenty of shit in it too. The work ethic was fine, because the word says that if a man doesn't pull his share of the load then he shouldn't eat either. The school I am volunteering at right now teaches the students the value of work in the setting of a healthy community, so the whole work thing is not the issue. The issue is being ok with being at rest.
God actually had to command us to be at rest, because He knew that many of us would have a tendency to ignore the off switch. God then cursed people by saying that, because of their rebellion, they would never enter His rest. It is apparent to me that God takes this whole thing quite seriously. It is apparent to me that I struggle with the concept quite a bit. Even in this season my family and I are in right now, there is still work to be done each day, and tasks that we need to complete, but the overall emphasis is rest. I am discovering in this season how deep the roots of these weeds go and that they choke out so much of the joy of my relationship with my Father. They then spread from there to my wife and kids, as I externalize this struggle with them. It becomes increasingly evident that this is an area where I need to do some weeding, and that my Father's command is no light thing.
Until I actually begin work at the school this will be a struggle with the physical reality of rest, and after I begin work it will become a spiritual necessity. I am so glad that in all of this my Father is always good!

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