Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some LOL While You......You Know

I love all the cultural oddities that you come across when you leave your own cultural for a decidedly different one, it makes everyday life a lot less ordinary. You never know when you are going to run into a little tidbit that will make you smile, so it is like a bizarre kind of Easter egg hunt you don't even know your on. I guess it could be easy to use these times to criticize or point out all the differences, but I prefer to just sit back and enjoy it all. Actually this time I was standing and enjoying it, because I was in the public washrooms at the bottom of our hill. Back home these are usually fairly fetid little rooms with questionable sanitation sequestered in some corner of the park where the smell won't scare people off. Here on Cheung Chau, though, it is actually a relatively pleasant affair in a clean facility (which a lot of people back home may find hard to believe, of course after using a public toity in downtown Shanghai I would be thinking the same thing) The picture below may give some indication of why the place is looked after so well. (Just click the pic to enlarge it)

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