Saturday, August 29, 2009

God Of The Lesser Things

As I lay here on the floor of my empty house I am taking a moment to reflect on our family's passage to the next part of our lives. I am taking a moment to take it all in so that it doesn't rush by in a flash of packing and paperwork, swirling down to an indiscernible tangle of lifeless memories. I need to take it in, because this whole journey is about knowing my Father, and in fact if I don't know Him the journey is a pointless adventure, because I have nothing to give when we get where we are going.
My Father speaks. Unlike the lifeless concoctions of the human psyche, He lives, and He speaks. The words He speaks are truth, life, and love. I am so glad that He speaks to me! He infuses my whole being with life and hope in a single word. Not really that surprising when mere sentences ushered galaxies into existence, flinging them to unseen reaches of the universe. Surprising, though, when I consider that His voice does not destroy my frail form, but rather strengthens and comforts me. Absolutely magical when I consider the comparably infinitesimal things that He will speak to me about. Never has He explained the existence of the substance of His creations, nor has He given forth on the distinctions between time and eternity. What He has talked to me about are the smallest things in my life, the things so small most people around me wouldn't even notice, and He does it like a hopeless romantic. Have you ever considered that the voice that whispers in your ears, that drops like rain in the desert, that sends showers of life through parts of you that only exist for that interaction, that voice will thunder the end of this heaven and earth? When I ponder this I marvel not so much that He commands all the heavens, but that He has the time to tell me where I've misplaced something, or even a secret little tip on how to parent my child through a sea of transition. Little things, really. Yet, in all these slight details He speaks. Not for show, simply for love.

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Wendy said...

We do serve a truly awesome God, Brad, and your words echo what is in my heart. Blessings on you and Cris and the kids as you settle into your new home, a new country, and a new life! We're anxiously awaiting the stories of how Almighty God is working in your lives there.