Friday, July 31, 2009


I had to write something tonight, even though it will in no way capture the feelings that cocooned my psyche this evening in a tenderly woven, sensationally evocative, baby blanket. It may have happened because of a simple act of surrender, or perhaps it was a unyielding embrace from a Father who understood the depths of my need this night. I surrendered to my family and went to a beach for a cool off swim, and was lifted up from this earth in a sublime warmth of spirit for which words fail me. As I slowly swam on my back away from a far distant shore lit by the last fragrant fires of this day's death every movement, sound and color was like a harmony of living caresses. I've tried before to manufacture such a moment, but those were pale corpses gnawing on my desires compared with this rapture. The slightest movement of my hands beneath the surface bent those reflections into crystal beauty, resurrected in true form to lightly flow away from my open hands. Even the sound of the buoy chain beneath the water blending with my own rhythmic breaths became the refrain of a much larger melody my body felt dripping from the fingers of my spirit. I was captured by the perfection of the water's reflection of my movements within its womb, the waves of force it expressed as it allowed me to propel myself through its form.
These words grasp so weakly, but the source of this great peace knows His breath upon my weary, dry soul.

Thank you.........Dad

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Wendy said...

The awe of it! I had one of those rare times this week as well, and nothing - NOTHING - compares. Thanks for sharing, Brad.