Saturday, July 11, 2009


I had to laugh when I came across this. It was roundabout as most surfing is, and this ride started with a search for a story about the Neverland Ranch replica being built in Shanghai for the Expo there in 2010. When I went to the Shanghai Daily online paper I stumbled upon this section in the sidebar where they highlight a certain block of the city and give links to businesses. When I hovered over the links I noticed this one for the Big Bamboo on 南阳路 (Nanyang Road). This was the bar where the other Canadian guys I worked with would hang out. I went there with them once and ended up talking to an American gal who was oozing American attitude, although it was obviously to make up for being so out of her element.
Just a bit of a laugh for me this morning.

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NavlGazr said...

Be fun when we go and see it hey. We are thinking October 2010 as the crowds will be less. See you there for some laughs amigo.