Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How Great Thou Art

This has been a very interesting season for us, with lots of work and lots of waiting. It has been a season of many hopes being fulfilled and many hopes walking the wires of public opinion. If you look over at my wife's blog you'll see some of the fallout of this season that we have both had to deal with. On this post I will try to synthesize the other half of what we have been going through, the half that involves the family that lives outside our personal four walls.
The gathering of saints (I humbly refrain from calling this a church) that we have been traveling with for the the last decade and a half has found itself in yet another crisis and there is no end of meetings and media being spun from it all. We have been a part of some of these, both small and large. We have mostly been listening for the words that we long to hear, we yearn for the waking of the dream we have dreamed. We yearn now, with hearts that are turning to the east (actually that would be a European perspective as it is actually 6500 miles to the west). We yearn, knowing we are leaving. We yearn with the hope of Christ.
I know this all sounds a little too ethereal, but truly, as we look inside, there is a deep love for the people that the Father has joined us too. There is not just a history, there is a shared DNA and a common lineage. This is where the hopes find their roots. Not to say that I am more mature than any of the people, because I actually feel that the opposite is closer to the truth, but there is a sense in which we look with hope as we do towards our kids. We hope and dream for them, and we pray to the Father to see them through. We see so much potential, and in the Father we hope. Personally I see these people as so much more than myself and actually see a lack within myself when I watch them. I know it would be so much easier to just pass judgment on them and go my way, but I could no more do this to them than to my own family.
This is a time where the Father is calling them to so much more than they have ever imagined for themselves, and yet there is so much fear to overcome. I do believe that there will be an overcoming, but not because of the people, rather because of the greatness of our God who loves us enough to continue this work He has begun. This is where the substance of my prayers lies, in the purpose of God, and His eternal desire revealed to us in an ever increasing measure. When I step out on this ground there are seas that part, dead that rise, angelic armies unveiled, and simple gatherings of saints that overcome.
The only sadness is not actually being there for the working out of these purposes.

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