Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not Again!!!

This is a little too strange, and already tragic. There are memories of 2003 and the fires that destroyed over 200 homes in the Lakeshore area of Kelowna.

(Pics from 2003)
This time it is going on in the Glenrosa area south of Westbank, on the other side of the lake from Kelowna. We are listening to the local AM station online and there is so much going on already. Today was a very sunny, hot day and there were high winds in the evening which have whipped the fires very dramatically. There are currently two fires burning, one in the Glenrosa area and one west of the Fintry area north of Kelowna on the west side of the lake. There are over 10,000 residents evacuated from the Glenrosa area already this evening.
We are also weirded out by this on another level because it was after the fires in 2003 that we left for China the first time, now we are preparing to leave again, and it is happening all over again. A friend of ours actually had a dream last year that there was a huge fire right where this one is happening.
Like our 8 year old son said, with no trace of accusation,"What is God up to dad?"

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NavlGazr said...

Bizarre hey! We moved to Kelowna the day the fire got out of hand and here we are moving again. Something about fires and moving for both of us!