Sunday, January 31, 2010

What To Do?

There are so many nonsensical things that flit about the hollow spaces between my brain and my mind that I am afraid sometimes that they may spill out into the daylight, leaving their muddy thought-prints all over my newly cleaned persona. I dare not even spill their guts here, for they will surely flee one after the other clutching like Jacob upon their elder. This would be impossible for me to hinder or direct, for their actions dart about behind my eyes like the undulating whine of a midnight mosquito. It is simply not safe. In fact even this bare acknowledgment will stir their muted voices as I lay me down to sleep. I pray O mind to keep. Lord abide before my paths lest the nefarious pranksters spring from their concealment to turn me aside. Before they deceitfully detain me with the promise of rational resolutions, and insightful, if not edifying, discourse.
Perhaps I may also set myself to restful sleep before these meanderings take their greatest hold.

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