Saturday, November 15, 2003

Just a Walk

I met a man just the other day and with a puzzling playfulness he asked me to follow him for he had something wonderful to show me. Though a busy thought attempted to sideswipe me a casual shrug is all it took to turn from my daily pursuits and walk his way. We started down my street and many more like it slipping past the crowds, cars, and caos. I noticed that not one eye noticed the passing of my odd companion and I, and this seemed strange for I had never reflected on this abstraction of distraction before. We trundled across a beach and while my quiet friend slowed his pace to watch the wet sand ooze between his toes I took note that here too no one took note of us. At the end of the beach we came upon a wooded trail leading off away from the shoreline so here too I followed him. As the sound of the waves resceded into the rustling leaves I felt a new and peculiar sense of prescence all about me. It was eyes. I was being watched, we were being watched. Creatures paused on every side as we passed through their 'hood, to look, to see, to know. The oblivious shield of passivity had given way to raw awareness. I was being searched. My intentions would be known. This jarring realisation set my eyes upon the man now silently setting his eyes on me. "You have spoken no good or ill since we left my home," I said, "will you now show me what it is I came to see, for your silence here is troubling me?" The playfullness never left his penetrating gaze as he looked into me and said,"You have followed me to see a wonder, but I wonder, what you have seen?"

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