Sunday, November 30, 2003

I did promise some poetry

There hasn't been a lot of time for writing lately, seeing how we are preparing to leave for China very soon. I have had the odd moment, though, to go through some of my older stuff and reappreciate and revise. I will throw some of this your way and see what you think.

My Faith
Faith awoke this morning
Lying languidly in my bed
Stretching up, around and out
Rising fluidly to her day
I followed her with a glance
This my pure bride
Faith, the one flesh so joined
Beyond mere poetic approximations
Pain upon pain in her grief is mine
Joys equally so, rushing
Across both as stones
In the bed of one summer stream

Faith from birth, faith my guide
Faith my mute muse
Faith my coin in these streets
Faith I have sold
Faith my whore
She begs with her eyes
Searching the blindness of mine
While I palm the drug
While I dance in a trance
While I embrace wanton flesh
While I place my mind
Upon throne and dais
While I heap high fortunes
Faith begs no more

Faith yearns upon my eyes
To search the skies
To note their endless prose
Faith yearns upon my skin
To know the earth’s touch
To feel her pains of labour
Faith yearns upon my ears
To hear the applause of leaves
In the passing breeze
Faith yearns upon my heart
In the streets where I sell her
Faith yearns upon my heart
In the halls where her beauty
Buys me praise
Faith yearns upon my heart
In the passing of my life
Faith yearns
To know the touch
Of a little spittle
And some moist clay.

(Brad Koop)

Vile Ends

Where is my life's rhythm
When I smash the dash and send another fissure
Winding away from fingers and toes
Holding back
The dammed thoughts?
Where does it go?
It was so good when I knew the tune
Now the ink runs as I watch
Try to remember even the words
Even just the name.
Bars fall from other lips
As they stroll,
But hey, does anyone know
The measure of this man?

(Brad Koop Jan '00)

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