Friday, November 21, 2003

Staying sane

It is hard to assess the effect daily life has on us, on our awareness of ourselves. It would seem that in all the bustle it becomes easier to lose sight of who we are. The demands placed upon us every day cause us to respond, just as any living being will to its own particular eviromental stimuli. Our only problem here is that being rational creatures we are also capable of shapeshifting according to the present stimulus. We change throughout our days and weeks until there is a faint feeling inside that we have become like notepaper too oft revised. On the other hand there is nothing like honesty and hardship to dig down to our core. I have been severely ill the last few days and have discovered that even though the sickness sucks I can actually say that I like myself in this place. At least better than I have before. I can only hope that this will be worth retaining when I return to the 'everyday'. I can only hope that I will remember to like myself.

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