Wednesday, February 09, 2005

All We Need Is Love

Well, it happened again. I had a thought. This happens from time to time and can fill those near me with a sense of dread and foreboding due to the usual fallout from these brain bursts. It is also due to the fact that I just cannot help but share these thoughts with the hapless souls in my vicinity.
This time I was pondering the realm of love and stumbled across an interesting notion. It started out from the verse in 1 John which declares that God is love and from there it began to wander. I don't think I ever really looked at what the ramifications of this verse are, and for a moment I was stupefied. I found in a back closet of my mind a place where I considered that there actually may be different kinds of love and even different levels and in some ethereal detached way God was slotted in there with all these other loves. Somehow it became clear that this is not what John was intimating in his letter. It was more than this. This is where the stupefaction began. I began to wonder about the implications of this verse and what it may mean to the world at large. From my own struggles to allow love a deeper hold in my life I have come to realise that this thing is against every grain in my meager flesh, which by the way loathes my every effort to surrender. The strange thing is that I have this God who is love living in me. His very Spirit is married with mine and yet there is a struggle. I don't even mean in the big things like sharing and spending quality time with my family, I mean even in the niggly little things that pass through my space every day. I struggle in good company though, because every saint before me has testified to this same thing. At this point I let my thoughts wander out of the realm of the saints and into the realm of the pre-saints. What does this mean for them? I was horrified to think that it is very possible that they may never know this love. Shock ran through me as I pondered that they may indeed have cool sensations and deeply inspired actions, but not love. Not love. For all the talk out there about love I have never come across this. I know that deep inside of me it brings a fear of sorts along with a deep desire for those without Christ to know this love. Some may think this is hate literature or something, and others may think it is unduly unkind to God, but I believe this to be true. This is a thought which finally forced its way out of the darkness of my mind and the mixed up God concepts I work through and it took a while probably due to the fact that there are no warm fuzzies here, just filthy rags.

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